ACD Board of Supervisors

Vici Nass, Karla Morgan, Mary Jo Truchon, Jim Lindahl & Karl Tingelstad

The Board of Supervisors is composed of five members elected to staggered four year terms in county wide elections, but representing different municipalities. Supervisors receive a per diem (compensation) of $75 per board meeting. In all, Supervisors average less than $2,200 per year in per diems. The Board of Supervisors is responsible to set the goals, policies and priorities of the District and employ a staff to work toward those goals.Each Supervisor serves on one or more committee and some hold offices. Click here for more information about SWCD Supervisor elections.



Supervisor Information:

District I-Karla Morgan

District II-Jim Lindahl

District III-Karl Tingelstad

District IV- Mary Jo Truchon

District V - Vici Nass