Rain Gardens, Swales, Biofiltration, Bionfiltration

Urban stormwater practices like rain gardens and swales are beautiful landscape features that help keep our lakes and streams clean. These stormwater treatment practices filter and allow infiltration of stormwater runoff that would otherwise go into nearby waterbodies, usually through the curb and gutter system. Stormwater from roofs, driveways, streets, and other hard surfaces is directed into the treatment practice instead of the storm sewer. Rain gardens are planted with plants that can tolerate periodic flooding while providing a lush and beautiful garden space. ACD offers technical assistance with rain garden design as well as financial assistance for installation cost.

Grant funds may cover up to 100% of the cost of a project depending on funding source, project type, and public benefit, however, projects typically require a landowner contribution.

Contact Mitch for more information on installing a stormwater treatment practice in your yard.


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Rain Gardens, Swales, Biofiltration, Bionfiltration