Invasive Species, Pollinator Plantings, Native Prairies

Do you have too much lawn and want to learn about planting a native prairie?  Is there an area on your property that would benefit from planting more trees? Ecosystem restoration involves the reestablishment of native vegetation complexes. Diverse ecosystems of native vegetation support a wider variety of wildlife and are more resilient in the face of natural and man-made disturbances.

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Anoka Cooperative Weed Management

Invasive Species, Pollinator Plantings, Native Prairies
Lakeshore Buffers and Stabilization
Abandoned Well Sealing Cost-Share Program
Cedar Tree Revetments are a riverbank stabilization method that uses Eastern red cedar trees anchored along an eroding stream bank. The trees serve as soft, natural armor and greatly slow the current along the eroding bank. This decreases erosion and allows silt and sand to be deposited. The deposited material forms a good bed in which the seeds of riverbank plants such as sedges can sprout and grow. By the time the revetment trees have decayed, the bank should be stabilized by the roots of new growth and accumulated sediment. Cedar tree are suitable for mild to moderate erosion. For vertical banks more than 5 ft tall or areas of high water velocity, revetment may be inadequate. Cedar Tree Revetment Flyer
There are many landowners within the Anoka County who are trying to do what they can to preserve our area's natural heritage. They are doing this through conservation easements and selling their property to land conservation organizations. Cost-share is offered to landowners having ecologically significant natural resources on their property as identified by the ACD in land cover analysis of Anoka County. ACD will also help landowners apply for land protection funding from existing programs including the MN DNR remediation Fund Grant Program, Metro Conservation Corridors, MN DNR Division of Wildlife acquisition funds, and Forest Legacy Program conservation easement program. ACD Cost Share Grants Anoka Cooperative Weed Management Area Invasive Species Cost Share Grant ACD Contact: C arrie Taylo r 763-434-2030 x19