The Anoka Conservation District monitors lake water quality on most major lakes in the county. The purpose of this program is to detect and diagnose water quality problems that may affect the suitability of lakes for recreation or adversely affect people or wildlife. This information is also necessary to set regulatory actions into motion to correct problems or to apply for government monies for lake improvement projects. Particular emphasis is placed upon those lakes with recreational potential or those with many lake shore homes. We monitor every lake 2-5 years on a rolling basis.

This website is a good place to start in locating specific data, but other sources, may be used as well. The same body of water is never monitored by two different agencies at the same time, but monitoring responsibility may have transferred from agency to agency at some time in the past, or available volunteer data may be limited for years when the ACD was not monitoring. After searching our website, the other best source of water quality data is the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's website.

Funding for our lake monitoring efforts has come from many sources. In the last four years those sources have included Natural Resources Block Grants sponsored by the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), the Anoka County Ag. Preserves Program, Coon Creek Watershed District, Rice Creek Watershed District,  Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization, Lower Rum River Watershed Management Organization

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Lakes Monitored by Agency by Year

Water Quality Letter Grades for Some Lakes

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