Invasive Species Cost Share Program

The Anoka CWMA Cost Share Program offers financial and technical assistance to private landowners to control invasive species and reestablish native vegetation in Anoka County.

Contact Carrie Taylor if you have questions and/or you are interested in this program.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 763-434-2030 x 19

Cost Share Program

Cost Share Application

The purpose of the Anoka Cooperative Weed Management Area (ACWMA) program is to establish a cooperative effort, necessary for effective planning, coordination, and implementation to manage and control invasive species in Anoka County. The ACWMA activities shall focus on the prevention, detection, eradication and control of priority invasive plants using an integrated, cooperative, strategic approach.

Partners of the ACWMA have mutual interest in preventing the establishment and spread of invasive species and share the following goals:

 INFORMATION EXCHANGE – Share technical information regarding identification, control methods, locations, new infestations, and project success amongst Partners and with other Weed Management Areas and programs.

  • EDUCATION – Increase public and staff awareness of exotic invasive plants and management techniques.
  • PREVENTION – Prevent the establishment of new invasive species infestations and spread of existing invasive species infestations.
  • CONTROL – Promote the effective, integrated management or eradication of priority invasive species.
  • COOPERATION – Facilitate development of cooperative efforts including opportunities for shared funding sources, resources, materials, personnel, including volunteers, expertise, equipment, etc.

MDA MN Noxious Weeds and other species of concern in Anoka County:


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