Anoka Conservation District employees have expertise in a variety of areas and are available to provide assistance for projects that improve natural resource quality, quantity and distribution.

Project guidance may be provided in any or all of the following forms:

  • Site assessment - measuring site parameters, assessing the nature of the problem and devising a solution.
  •  Project design - developing a design for a solution to the problem either as a general sketch or a scale drawing with a list of materials and estimated cost.
  • Materials procurement - providing information on the correct materials to purchase for a project and vendors that sell them.
  • Installation management - overseeing the correct installation of a project including grading, placement of structures, erosion control and plant materials.
  •  Monitoring - assisting with follow up inspections of a project to identify problems and create remedies for them.
  • Maintenance - providing guidance on routine maintenance of practices such as mowing, thinning, pruning, and weeding.

 Areas of expertise include the following, but we will do our best to research other areas of interest to residents or provide contact information to other expertise to ensure people get the help they need.  For examples of projects and activities refer to the Projects page.