Trees and Shrubs Available for Purchase at the ACD Office all sold in bundles of 10 for $18.50:

Species Available:

Call before you come (763-434-2030x10) to let us know your desired species purchase we will have your order ready when you get to the Office.



Storing your seedlings until they can be planted:

  • Store trees and shrubs in a cool and dark location (garage or shed)
  • Your trees and shrubs will be fine stored this way for 2-3 weeks
  • Keep roots moist but don't fill bag with water or put roots in a bucket of water
  • The roots have been dipped in root gel and put in a bag beforehand to keep moist


 The Anoka Conservation District offers trees for three primary reasons:

  1. Soil and energy conservation planting
  2. Wildlife habitat plantings
  3. Native ecosystem restoration

The ACD promotes the restoration of native ecosystems by offering more native species and categorizing them based upon their ecosystems. Why does this make sense? Native plants are best suited to Anoka County's conditions. They can survive the soils, moisture and climate without needing additional care. They naturally grow well together and compliment each other's characteristics. They are capable of forming the most complex and resilient ecosystems possible in this area, thereby providing the most benefit to local wildlife. Plus, most of our natural communities have been reduced to a few acres by agriculture and development and are in need of restoration. A tree and shrub matrix showing which trees and shrubs are found in various ecosystems may be useful when making your selection.

 The natural ecosystems found in Anoka County include twenty different types of dry, mesic and wet prairies, shrublands, woodlands, and forests. Complete descriptions of these can be found in "Minnesota's St. Croix River Valley and Anoka Sandplain, A Guide to Native Habitats," MN DNR, 1995. Of these twenty natural community types we are able to offer trees, shrubs and seed that fit into fifteen.

 Ordering Instructions

 Trees and shrubs can be ordered three ways: (1) Call ACD at 763-434-2030 and have a form mailed to you, (2) go to our website to print a form and send it in with payment,(3) use the online payment and ordering option.

  • Trees will be available for pick up on April 28th from 9am to 11am in the red brick building with large white doors at the Anoka County Fairgrounds.
  • The Anoka County Fairgrounds are located at 3203 St Francis Blvd.
    Located 1 mile north of US Highway 10 on County Road 47 (Ferry St.) in Anoka. As in the past, any trees that have not been pre-sold will be available at our open sale.
  • Tree orders will be accepted until the 2nd Thursday in April, or until inventory is exhausted. If ordering after February, please check the order form or call for availability.
  • A $5 late charge will be added to orders picked up after the scheduled date and time. To prevent ordering stock that will not be sold no cancellations will be accepted after March 1.
  • Payment must be included with your order. Please make checks payable to the Anoka Conservation District or ACD.
  • Trees come in bundles of 25 and 10 bare-root seedlings or transplants.
  • Bundles of 25 are priced at $30 and bundles of 10 are $17
  • Transplants are seedlings that have been lifted from one nursery bed and transplanted to another. They have a more fibrous root system and larger stem diameter, giving them an advantage over seedlings, especially in marginal sites.