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Native prairies are a mix of grasses and wildflowers that are more resistant to drought, flood, pests, attract more wildlife, involve less maintenance, and provide beautiful displays of flowers, foliage and fall color. All of our prairie mixes include a package of oats to be used as a cover crop. If mowed before going to seed each of the first three years, they will disappear from your plantings as the native plants take hold. Each seed mix is sufficient to cover 545 square feet. We recommend establishing the grasses before planting wildflowers. Site preparation is important so contact our staff or click the instructions below. New property owners with exposed soils have ideal conditions. No topsoil is necessary. Just seed, mulch, water and watch it grow.

Dry Mixed Seed: This seed mix is perfect for dry sandy locations. Once established, it never needs water. The short prairie grasses mix includes eight types of grasses, the tall prairie grasses mix includes ten grasses and the wildflower mix includes twenty-seven wildflowers.

Wet Meadow Seed: This seed mix is ideal for moist to wet areas. The wildflower mix includes twenty wildflowers.

Dry Mixed Seed Pictures: Dry Grasses Mix (Short), Dry Grasses Mix (Tall) and Dry Wildflower Mix

Wet Seed Pictures: Water's Edge Wildflower Mix

Instruction for establishing a native prairie from seed

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