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legacyFailing riverbanks contribute sediment and phosphorus directly into waterways, impairing water quality, diminishing fish habitat, and compromising downstream infrastructure. The Mississippi River is currently listed as impaired for turbidity. Eroding riverbanks are one of the causes of this impairment.

Anoka Conservation District (ACD) was awarded a FY2017 Clean Water Fund Projects and Practices grant in the amount of $236,000, which required a $59,000 match from landowners, to provide technical and financial assistance for riverbank stabilization.

Erosion severity of Mississippi Riverbanks was categorized in condition inventories completed by ACD from the Coon Rapids Dam to the western Anoka County border.  Erosion severity ranged from slight to very severe.  ACD staff contacted landowners of properties at which severe or very severe erosion was identified to provide technical and financial assistance for riverbank stabilization.

ACD staff prioritized sites based on severity of erosion, accessibility to site, and proximity to other stabilization projects at which landowners expressed an interest in receiving technical and financial assistance.  Two sites with severely eroding riverbanks on the Mississippi River in Coon Rapids were selected, and 305 linear feet of riverbank were stabilized.  Cumulatively, the projects reduced sediment loading to the river by 386,593 pounds per year and reduced phosphorus loading to the river by 193 pounds per year.

In addition to improving water quality, these projects are complementary to Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area management by stabilizing riverbanks, creating near-shore habitat, and naturalizing the riparian zone.

Project Summary


2017: Outreach to landowners at properties with severely eroding riverbanks identified in the riverbank condition inventory. Site visits, property prioritization, and selection of two properties.

2018: Development and execution of landowner agreements. Site surveys and design development.

2019: Project bidding and contractor selection. Project construction.

Pictures:  Completed Projects

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