Project Information:

legacyThe Anoka Conservation District partnered with Anoka County Parks to stabilize 310’ of eroding riverbank within Rum River Central Regional Park.  Prior to the project, the bank was severely eroding and undermining sections of a paved trail.  The stabilization project is now complete and included the following elements:

  • Minimal riprap at the bottom of the slope within the zone of frequent water level fluctuation where vegetation does not grow well,
  • Grading above the riprap to the top of the slope (3H:1V), seeding with native vegetation, and installation of an erosion control blanket,
  • Relocation of the paved trail to ensure sufficient separation between the trail and the new top of slope, and
  • Dormant willow stakes were installed in November 2019 as the final phase of the project.

Stabilization of the bank will prevent 100 tons of sediment annually from entering the Rum River.  Multiple State and local funding sources were used to complete the project.


2017: Site survey finalization. Review of site and concept design development.  Coordination with permitting agencies.

2018: Finalized design and secured permits. Bidding and contractor selection. Project installation – riprap, re-grading, seeding, and erosion control blanket.

2019: Monitored vegetation establishment. Installed dormant willow stakes.


Completed Project (link to PDF)

Contact Person:  Mitch Haustein, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.