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The Kern Conservation Easement is a 55-acre private property, which lies within a habitat corridor along Ford Brook, a tributary of the Rum River. It is protected by a conservation easement. Restoration efforts began in 2002 with the conversion of an abandoned farm field to native grasses and wildflowers and planting a forest buffer and windbreak.

Continual management is necessary for enhancing biodiversity in disturbance driven native ecosystems. Project goals for current management efforts include enhancing 33 acres of prairie, wetland and woodland through invasive species control, prescribed burns, planting and seeding native vegetation.

Funding for these projects are provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, as a part of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, and other local funds. 

Project Profiles:

Project summary

Proposed Prescribed Burn Area

Completed Site Restoration Summary - 2016

Completed Site Restoration Summer - 2003

Management Plan

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