White Pine - 25 tree bundle

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White pine is a large fast growing tree with long bluish green needles that are very soft and flexible. It has a spreading crown and is the most shade tolerant pine and tallest conifer in Minnesota. A mature tree can reach heights of 80-100', is moderately shade tolerant but is intolerant of drought and salt spray. White pine will grow on a variety of soils but prefers loam and loamy sand soils. Wildlife Food & Cover:Good food- game birds, squirrels, rabbits. Good cover-winter cover, summer nesting and perching.

Flowers: NA

Fruit: Cones

Ecosystem: White Pine Hardwood Forest and Mesic Oak Forest

Product Size at Purchase: 7-15"

Products Size at Maturity:  80-100'

Scientific Name: Pinus Strobus

Other: Tallest MN pine, preferred eagle nesting.