• MASWCD Convention Outstanding Conservationist and ACD Supervisors & Staff
  • Geologic atlas workshop ACD Hosts Workshop on November 30th
  • Carp Barriers Completion Project Tour at Martin Lake
  • 2017 Tree & Shrub Sale Plan now for Spring
  • ACD Staff Get to know the ACD staff
  • Leon Mager 2016 Outstanding Conservationist
  • Buffer Mapping Project
  •                                            MASWCD Convention
  • Geologic atlas workshop
  •  Carp Barriers Completion
  • 2017 Tree & Shrub Sale
  • ACD Staff
  • Leon Mager
  • Buffer Mapping Project

2017 Tree & Shrub Pre-sale

Plan Early for Spring
The ACD sells seedlings and transplants in bundles of 25 for $30 and 10 for $17-not including tax. Order today and pick up at the Anoka County Fair Grounds on the morning of April 29, 2017. **THEY ARE NOT SHIPPED*** A reminder notice will be sent mid-April.
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Anoka County Outstanding Conservatonist

Leon Mager
The Anoka Conservation District’s Outstanding Conservationist is Leon Mager of East Bethel. Leon is the city’s representative on the Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization and volunteers for two lake management groups....
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