Vision Statement: Strong partnerships - Innovative solutions - Healthy environments

Mission Statement:  ACD’s mission is to holistically conserve and enhance Anoka County’s natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations through partnerships and innovation.

Guiding Principles and Strategies

  • Focus on long-term resource sustainability
  • Make informed and ethical decisions
  • Promote cost-effective and efficient resource stewardship
  • Collaborate with both public and private sectors
  • Utilize technology to achieve efficiency and enhance work products
  • Keep natural resource issues visible in Anoka County
  • Retain highly qualified, knowledgeable staff
  • Seize opportunity and adapt to changing needs
  • Develop diverse programs, partners, and funding sources
  • Manage natural resources at efficient and effective geographic scales
  • Engage the citizenry through outreach to encourage natural resource stewardship
  • Consider the economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of our actions
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