Quantifying and tracking conservation progress is essential to ensuring natural resource goals are being met in Anoka County. Our interactive projects dashboards allow you to explore the combined benefits produced by the hundreds of projects that have been installed with support from ACD's programs and staff. The water projects dashboard summarizes water quality improvements achieved through projects such as rain gardens, streambank and lakeshore stabilizations, and stormwater pond enhancements. The ecological projects dashboards summarizes habitat restorations achieved across different ecosystems through techniques such as prescribed burns, invasive species control, and native plantings.

In both dashboards, you can apply filters based on location, date range, and project types. You can also pan throughout the map and click on the points to learn more about individual projects. The gauges will adjust to summarize the benefits produced by the projects you’re viewing.

Click the Photo Below to Explore our Water Projects Dashboard                                    

Water Projects Dashboard







Click the Photo Below to Explore our Ecological Projects Dashboard 

Ecological Dashboard