Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday
Phone: 763-434-2030
Address: 1318 McKay Dr NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304

The Anoka Conservation District has a Wetland Specialist who can assist landowners with wetland-related issues. Clicking the button at the bottom of this screen with direct you to a form that collects information the Wetland Specialist will need to assist you.

By submitting this form, you are requesting that the Anoka Conservation District use off-site information (e.g., aerial photography, NWI, LiDAR, etc.) to identify the possible need for WCA approvals as part of your project. If the off-site information is insufficient to make a recommendation, the ACD will contact you to schedule an on-site review for an additional fee. This review does not constitute an official WCA Local Government Unit (LGU) decision or permit. This review is not intended to be used in lieu of an official WCA decision. It is designed to be a tool that landowners and local governments can use to help identify MN Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) requirements associated with proposed projects.

Prior to submitting this form, landowners should contact their local government to identify any locally available wetlands information and to identify any local approvals that will be needed as part of the proposed project. Do not submit this form if you already know that WCA LGU approvals (e.g., wetland delineation, no-loss, exemptions, wetland replacement) will be required as part of your project.

You will be emailed a letter that summarizes the ACD's wetland review of your project footprint (including a property map). This letter includes guidance regarding the likelihood of the need for WCA approvals from your LGU. For requests that are part of building permit applications, the ACD will send a copy of this review to your local government.

Allow up to two weeks for the ACD to process your request and determine your eligibility for wetland review. If you have questions about your request, you may contact the ACD at the information provided above.
  Fees for Applicable Requests
       * General phone consultations (less than 0.5 hours): no charge
       * Off-site reviews, letter, and map: $50
       * On-site reviews, letter, and map: $150

Fill out the information on the following page and click "submit." Provide as much information as is readily available as this may reduce processing time and may preclude the need for an on-site review.

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