• ACD's 75th Anniversary To celebrate, District staff planted trees throughout Anoka County
  • Abandoned Well Sealing The ACD has been awarded grants through the CWF to help eligible landowners seal unused wells
  • ACD Blazing Trails **learn more about the customized activities the District is doing to meet the needs of each resident**
  • Animated video about lakeshore restoration and stewardship created in collaboration with the Anoka County Water Resource Outreach Collaborative and several local Lake Associations.
  • Native Plantings 10 ecological landscaping principles
  • ACD Comprehensive Planning The ACD is updating its 10-year Comprehensive Plan
  • Tour ACD Projects What is happening in your city?
  • ACD's 75th Anniversary
  • Abandoned Well Sealing
  • ACD Blazing Trails
  • Native Plantings
  • ACD Comprehensive Planning
  • Tour ACD Projects

Well Sealing Grants Available

Anoka Conservation District Urges Property Owners to Seal Old Wells to Preserve Water Quality
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ACD Comprehensive Natural Resource Stewardship Plan

ACD is pleased to present our 2021-2030 Comprehensive Natural Resource Stewardship Plan to our implementation partners and stakeholders.
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