• Benefiting the Rum River Rain Gardens - ideal in built-out neighborhoods where space is not available for stormwater ponds or other larger practices.
  • "Google River View" 360° Photos Collected on the Rum & Mississippi accessible to anyone
  • 2021 Anoka Water Almanac Water Resource Conditions of Anoka County, Minnesota
  • ACD 75th Anniversary ACD staff & supervisors planted trees at a recently completed riverbank stabilization project at the Mississippi River Community Park in the City of Anoka on November 3. The tree planting commemorates ACD's 75th Anniversary serving the residents of Anoka County.
  • Abandoned Well Sealing The ACD has been awarded grants through the CWF to help eligible landowners seal unused wells
  • ACD Comprehensive Planning The ACD is updating its 10-year Comprehensive Plan
  • Tour ACD Projects What is happening in your city?
  • Benefiting the Rum River
  • 2021 Anoka Water Almanac
  • ACD 75th Anniversary
  • Abandoned Well Sealing
  • ACD Comprehensive Planning
  • Tour ACD Projects

Insects are Important

Oftentimes, insects have a negative connotation for people, but many (if not most) actually have an important role in our world.
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Rare Plant Rescue Program

ACD, Critical Connections Ecological Services, & MN Landscape Arboretum, coordinated with MN DNR & Anoka Hwy. Dept. to salvage plants.
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