There area several financial assistance programs that are designed to help defray the cost of designing and installing conservation projects. The applicability of a funding program to a particular project depends on the type of project, the location or ownership of a property, the aspect of the project for which funding is desired, or even the way in which a project is designed. Listed below is outlined types of funding can be used for which type of projects.

Conservation Practices and Funding Sources:

Agricultural Conservation Practices

Cedar Tree Revetments

Conservation Easements

Ecosystem and Habitat Improvement

Lakeshore Restoration

Land Acquisitions

Rain Gardens

Septic Systems

Streambank Restoration or Stabilization

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Invasive Species, Pollinator Plantings, Native Prairies
Abandoned Well Sealing Cost-Share Program
Rain Gardens, Swales, Biofiltration, Bionfiltration