Environmental Education Programs:  ACD participates in the annual Envirothon, where high school students from around the state compete to prove who knows the most about natural resources. ACD developed a series of brochures covering Rain Gardens, Landscaping for Wildlife, Lakeshore Restoration, Watersmart, Riverbank Restoration, Native Plants, Open Space, Wetlands and Stormwater Management. ACD also developed corresponding conservation displays with a wide variety of topics to be used when attending community events and schools.

Presentations and Displays: ACD staff have prepared and are able to provide presentations and display materials for many topics including but not limited to; riverbank stewardship, rain gardens, lake and stream shore restoration, invasive species control, wildlife corridors planning, lake and stream water quality, stream biomonitoring, geographic information systems, ecosystem restoration, and using native plants in residential landscaping.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): ACD has gathered available GIS information such as aerial photos, wetlands, lakes, streams, soils, landuse, land cover, rare species, natural communities, roads, and watersheds. ACD uses this information to provide residents with guidance to manage their natural resources.

Educational Videos: ACD staff has developed or is in the process of developing videos on the Rain Guardian pretreatment chambers, Cedar Tree Revetment,  About the Lower Rum River WMO,   Lakeshore Restorationthe Metro LRP Clean Water Funds, Stormwater Inspections Services, Rain Garden Construction, Upper Rum River Biomonitoring and a 2011 Annual Report of ACD Activities. Completed videos can all be found in the "Videos" tab here and on ACD's YouTube page.